To reach the on-air DJ:
(803) 576-WUSC (9872)
AOL Screename: wuscradio

Leave us a comment at:

Station Address:
RHUU Rm 343
1400 Greene St.
Columbia, SC 29208

Contact Info for WUSC Executive Staff. For the fastest response, please contact us during our office hours:

Station Manager: Kate Appelbaum
All general station concerns can be directed to our Station Manager.
(803) 777-5468
Station Manager’s Office Hours:

Program Director: Jake Causey (Director), Anna Ridenour (Assistant)
For info about programming, shows, show schedule, interviews, contact our Program Directors.
(803) 777-0653 Contact preferred via email.
Program Director’s Office Hours:
Jake: TBD
Anna: TBD

Music Directors: Jordan Basl and Rupert Hudson
If you’re a label rep or artist and want your music on WUSC, contact our Music Directors.
(803) 777-5124
Music Director’s Office Hours:
Jordan: TBD
Rupert: TBD

Public Affairs Department: Savannah Walker (Director), Grace Stewart and Sean Taylor (Assistants)
For information about announcements, public service announcements, sponsoring/underwriting, contact our Public Affairs Department
(803) 777-7172
Public Affairs Director’s Office Hours:

Librarian: Kaylyn Middleton and Sheida Abdi
Library Office Hours:
Kaylyn: TBD
Sheida: TBD

Interview Coordinator: Grace Stewart

News Coordinator: TBA

Secretary: Alec Edelson

Members-at-Large: Luke Bassett and Mason Youngblood

Graduate Assistant: Rachael Grimes

Webmaster: Sean Johnson

Director of Student Media: Scott Lindenberg
(803) 777-3915

Chief Engineer: John George